***CLEARANCE*** Lollibites Delta-8 Infused 50mg Edibles Assorted Fruit Flavor (500mg)


Lollibites infused Delta-8 Gummies by Lollipuff come in a bag filled with 10 gummies, and each gummy delivers a potent dose of 50mg of D8 per gummy (500mg per bag).   The recommended dose is to start off with half a gummy or less for most brands but consider 1/4 a gummy with Lollibites (be careful they are strong)!  What makes Lollibite D8 gummies different from just any D8 gummy is that Lollibite focuses strongly on the great tasting flavor, and they are not just being infused or sprayed for taste.  Get the relaxing and stress-free feeling you want with these Delta 8 gummies. 


What's in the bag?

10 X 50mg Infused Delta-8 Gummies by Lollipuff (500mg Total per bag)