Puffy Delta 8 Disposable Device | 1100MG


Puffy Delta 8 disposable devices are available in 13 different mouthwatering flavors and come in 3 different strains.  Each Delta 8 disposable vape by Puffy features a 1.5 Ω coil and a rechargeable 280 mAh battery to ensure you the best quality experience.  Puffy D8 disposables will leave you with the euphoric feeling, relation, and potential pain relief.  

Here is a definitive Puffy Delta 8 Disposable Flavor List:

Rainbow Kush: A sweet tingly fruity flavor with a enjoyable, creative experience. (Indica-Dominant Hybrid)

Moonies:grape flavor on the inhale mixed with a blueberry taste on the exhale.  (Indica-Dominant Hybrid)

Lychee-Do: A sweet citrus berry flavoring  with a relieving and uplifting experience.  (Indica-Dominant Hybrid)

Orange Squeeze: Freshly squeezed citrus orange flavoring. (Sativa)

Thug Passion: Adds a tropical fruity blend balancing out the spicy and piney taste. (Sativa)

Fruity Gangster: A fruity, lemon twist flavoring with a happy, uplifted experience. (Sativa-dominant Hybrid)

Puff Berries: Adds a subtle sweet and savory raspberry and blueberry blend. (Hybrid)

Brotha Louie: This extremely rare a sought-after strain is characterized by its perfect blend of sweet and sour.   

Super Sour Diesel: A mouthwatering sweet and sour twist just like the sour patch kids. (Sativa)

Sub-Lime: A blend of fruity grape and blueberry mixed with citrus lime.  This balance gives you a soothing body high. (Hybrid)

London Pound Cake: Strong Indica-dominate hybrid known for its sweet cake-like flavor. 

GG4:  Indica-dominant hybrid with a pungent diesel fuel flavor coupled with notes of pine and chocolate

Blue Dream: A delicious sweet aroma and flavor. (Sativa) 

What's in the Box?

1 X Delta 8 Puffy Disposable Device 1100MG

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

These are seriously amazing some of my favorite stuff I’ve ever tried. I’ve only had the sativas and hybrids and I think I most prefer the hybrid. Great happy feeling all day and good energy as well for me at least with the hybrids and sativas. Calming but not too sedating. Pro tip for these things keep the cap on it to keep it in good shape as long as possible and if it gets stuck(it does sometimes) get it warmed up in your hands and pull hard when you pull on it. Got that advice from someone else so I figured I would pass it along. Highly recommend these you won’t be disappointed!

Connie Oden
Puffy indica

Great for calming down