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Sweet Life SYRUP, from the same company that produces Puffy, is a convenient way to dose up to 10 x 20mg fast-acting doses.   One bottle is highly concentrated with 200mg of pure Delta 9 THC.  Made simply of Purified Water, Cane Sugar, Natural Flavor, Citric Acid, and Delta 9 THC.  Always made in the USA with USA derived hemp.

Here's a Full Sweet Life Syrup Flavor List:

  • Berry DelightA classic tart berry flavor that will add a burst of sweetness to any drink. 
  • Georgia PSweet like a Georgia peach, this buzzy syrup has a subtle sugary flavor.
  • Strawmango:  The strawberry flavor combined with mango is fruity and sweet.
  • Tropical Punch: A delicious dose of tropical fruit punch and Delta-9 whenever you want it.


What's In The Box? 

1 x Sweet Life SYRUP 200mg Delta 9 THC Edible Shot

Customer Reviews

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NIck a
Can't beat the value

Ok first off these things are thick .. like syrup. Hence the name.. I thought I would be able to knock it back like a 5 hour energy... and they taste not so great.. but the effects were great and felt very fast .. for the price you can't beat it