After learning that over 50% of the CBD products in the North American market did not contain what they stated on the label, we decided that people deserve a source they can trust.  Despite the pandemic of 2020, we decided to open our doors for business starting in 2021, hoping to make lemonade out of lemons.  We have carefully vetted our sources to ensure everything we're offering is Made in The USA and 100% verified by third-party laboratories.  We will be posting all the third-party laboratory certifications here.  

Big D CBD Authentic Trustworthy

Our promise to you is to deliver exactly what you order, no exceptions, with a money-back guarantee that whatever you purchase from Big D CBD is 100% authentic and will contain what it says it will contain.

We will continue to expand our offerings throughout 2021 and beyond, so if you have a favorite product that's not listed, don't hesitate to reach out to us at  We also own so we have a track record of shipping quickly, accurately, and usually for free (Free Shipping on all orders over $50 on Big D CBD).

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