Exodus Mushy Vape | 2.2G Premium Mushroom Extract Disposable

By Exodus


Experience the power of Exodus Mushy Vape, the ultimate disposable vape loaded with 2.2G of Amanita Muscaria extract and natural terpenes. Get ready for an intense experience of euphoria, energy, focus and mild visual changes. Each device is lab tested for potency, quality and safety, so you can trust that you will get the effects you desire. Take 3-4 drags and wait 10-20 minutes to feel the amazing results. 

Below are the Exodus Mushy Vape flavors available:

Blood Orange - a subtly sweet orange that has been infused with tangy red grapefruit and hints of tart cherries and raspberries. A delicious experience in every hit!

Blue Berry Blast - a strong, juicy berry flavor that blends into a hazy base of vanilla and floral aromatics.

Granny Smith - precisely what you’ll experience when you take a hit of our Sour Apple disposable! Sour and juicy with a fresh, sweet finish.

Grape Punch - one to send you back to the good ol’ days! Imagine sippin’ on an ice cold grape soda when you take a puff of this one — all of that strong, sugary grape flavor flooding your tastebuds!

Lime Sorbet - a sweet citrus blend of delicious sorbet notes.

Orange Pineapple - layers of citrus goodness with notes of tropical pineapple. Perfect pick me up to lift your day.

Rainbow Belts - a fan favorite for those looking for some nostalgia.

Sour Mango - perfectly captures the creamy and rich aromatics of delicious, juicy mango — you can’t have just one puff!

Strawberry Kiwi - sweet taste of fresh strawberries balanced with tartness of a ripe kiwi keeps you wanting just one more puff.

Sugar Cookie - a perfect mouth watering cookie with hints of sugar.

Tangie Banana - the perfect amount of natural banana notes with tangie undertones.

Watermelon Lime - the ideal splash into summertime with ripe, juicy watermelon and tart lime juice! A disposable you won’t regret!


What's in the box?

1 X Exodus Mushy Vape | 2.2G Premium Mushroom Extract Disposable


Due to state regulations, product containing Amanita cannot be shipped to: LA.