Nowadays Cannabis Infused Spirit | 750ml | Alcohol Free



Indulge in Nowadays Cannabis Infused Beverage, the future of drinking. With natural fruit flavors and a crisp finish, each serving is only 10 calories and available in Micro Dose (2mg THC per shot) or Low Dose (6mg THC per shot). Experience a quick onset time and no hangovers, unlike edibles.  Zero Cannabis Taste, it's zestfully delicious.   Here's a comparison of the two Nowadays Strengths:

 Bottle THC Content Per Shot THC Content Per Bottle
Sample Shot/2oz 5mg 5mg
Micro Dose 2mg 33mg
Low Dose 6mg 100mg
High Dose 10mg 166mg


If you are unsure of ordering a full bottle, we have sample shots available here. 

Nowadays Cannabis Infused Beverage

Nowadays Cannabis Beverage Alcohol Free

What's In The Box?

1 x 750ml Bottle of Nowadays Cannabis Infused Beverage