Happy Fruit Live Rosin Gummies by KLUTCH

By Klutch


Happy Fruit Rosin gummies, by Klutch, feature real THC (Delta 9) derived from Live Rosin.  Live Rosin is naturally gathered concentrate from cannabis plants that is free of solvents, making it much higher in terpene content and very difficult to come by.  Don't confuse this with "Live Resin", Live Rosin is much more exclusive.

Klutch Designed three specific strains of the Rosin Happy Fruit Gummies in delectable favors, encapsulated in a vegan gummy.  Here's a breakdown of Happy Fruit Live Rosin Gummy Flavors:

Ocean Breeze: Coconut Lemon Live Rosin Sativa Blend - Very Strong and Uplifting

Midnight REMberry: Acai Blueberry Indica Blend - Enriched with CBN + CBN-O for deep sleep

Pineapple Ochos Locos: Tropical sweet and tart pineapple flavor

Sour Rosinberry: Sour Blue Raspberry Indica Blend for relaxation and calming.

Flavor Each Gummy Contains

Total Mg/Bag

Grape Escape 

D9 (25mg) 250mg

Ocean Breeze

D9 (25mg) + THC-V (5mg) 300mg

 Midnight REMBerry

D9 (15mg) + CBN (10mg) + CBNO (10mg) 450mg
Pineapple Ochos Locos D9 (15mg) + D8 (170mg) + 15mg Blend D10, THC-B, THC-JD, THC-P, HXY9-THC, HXY11-THC 200mg

 Sour Rosinberry

D9 (25mg) + CBN (10mg) + CBN-O (10mg) 450mg
Watermelon Wellness
D9 (15mg) + CBDA (25mg) + CBGA (25mg) 750mg


Each Happy Fruit Rosin bag is resealable and has 10 gummies that are made in the USA, naturally flavored, vegan, and cruelty free.


What's In The Bag?

1 x Happy Fruit Rosin Gummies | 10 pack | 200mg-450mg Strength

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Due to state regulations, products containing Delta/THC cannot be shipped to: AK, DE, HI, ID, IA, LA, MT, NV, NY, ND, OR, RI, UT, VT, WA, or WV. This product is also limited by county in CA and CO.