Cali Reserve 3.5 Gram Pre-Heat Disposable with Five types of THC


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Cali Reserve 3.5 Gram Disposables, with Pre-Heat function, are an extraordinary blend of five highly potent cannabinoids, including:

  • Delta 9 (The original THC, still under 3% so it's legal)
  • PHC (Identical to Delta 9 after metabolizing in humans), euphoric, long lasting
  • THC-P (Strongest known cannabinoid)
  • THC-JD (Up to 15x stronger than traditional THC)
  • Delta 8 Live Resin
  • Terpenes

The beauty of Cali Reserve's 3.5 Gram disposable is the pre-heat function that allows you to get a potent, consistent hit after warming the coil.  A micro-USB input on the bottom allows for fast recharges and a hexagonal window shows remaining active material.  A large LED show function.  5 clicks will turn the device on or off.

Cali Reserve 3.5 Gram Pre Heat Disposables are available in these flavors:

  • Blue Diesel - Hybrid (Bright Blueberry & Diesel Bud)
  • Candy Land - Sativa (Sweet, Herbal, a hint of Spice)
  • Lime Sorbet - Indica (Skunky Lime and Citrus)
  • Orange Bud - Hybrid (Skunky Orange and Citrus)
  • Red Haze - Sativa (Woody, Smoky, tobacco undertones)


What's In The Box?

1 x Cali Reserve 3.5 Gram Pre-Heat Disposable Vape with 5 cannabinoids

Customer Reviews

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Cali Reserve Rules

Probably my favorite CBD disposable. Easy and stylish! Tastes great, USB-C!

Flavorful silence and no funk bliss, smooth

Every flavor I have tried has been great or better than great, surprisingly so, to where I tried all but one so far, with effects which silence the world for a while as the chatter which is in front of the mind moves up and back to free the mind to relax into the blue dot behind the eyes which charges to electromagnetically feed from deep breathing. It clears things out much like other hhc products I have tried, hhco seeming to clear out chatter well from the mind, to make it less. Phc is seeming to be a great go to one for the same type of purpose. I think the synergy of this mix is right on in a way that boosts the delta9 in a lasting way, I enjoy this product a lot actually.

Good but burns lol

I really do like this one, but I will say it does make me cough and burns a little more than others. But not bad enough that I wouldn’t purchase again! I really love the sleek black look. It’s almost has a rubbery feel to it which is wonderful in case you are like me and drop these all of the time lol. I’ve never broke one or had any issues!!

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