**CLEARANCE** Delta-10 Gummies | 1500mg | Green Garden Gold


Green Garden Gold Delta-10 Gummies have 50mg of Hemp-derived Delta 10 THC per serving with 30 gummies per bottle.  Delta-10 gummies will give you the relaxation and inebriating feeling consistent with traditional THC but in a less potent format, allowing you the ability to still get things done.  Studies of subjects using Delta-10 have resulted in more soothing and less anxious experience than Delta-9 (THC) or Delta-8 THC.  Green Garden Gold's Delta 10 gummies are available in Blue Raz, Tangerine, and Strawberry.

We also stock the less potent 25mg per dose version (750mg Jar) here.


What's In The Box?

1 x Green Garden Gold Delta 10 Gummies | 1500mg | 30 Pieces


Green Garden Gold's Delta 10 Gummies are also available in 750mg if the 1500mg are too strong.