Jolt 3 Gram Delta 9 Live Resin Knockout Blend (THC JD + THC P + D10) Disposable

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These hyper-potent Delta 9 Live Resin Knockout Blends, by Jolt, are packed with three extremely potent cannabinoids all derived from live resin.  Live Resin blends extract cannabinoids from frozen hemp plants which results in more natural terpenes and a much more authentic flavors than less expensive methods of extraction.  Each Jolt D9 Live Resin Blend contains a proprietary blend of:

  • THC-JD: Rare but naturally occurring, 19 times more potent than D9 (THC)
  • THC-P: Also rare and naturally occouring, 5 times more potent than D9 (THC)
  • D10: Delta 10 is weaker than D9 THC but is uplifting and relaxing

Jolt Delta 9 Live Resin Knockout blends are available in the following flavors/strains:

Blue Skunk - Hybrid

Incredible Hulk - Sativa

Purple Punch - Indica

Strawberry Kush - Indica

Tangerine Dream - Sativa

The Jolt 3 gram disposables also utilize a unique rectangular design that's compact and features a large window displaying the remaining active material in the vape.  Rechargeable via Micro-USB, There are no fussy controls, simply vape to operate and in the unlikely event it becomes clogged (happens to all disposable cannabis pens exposed to prolonged disuse or cold) - simply blow on the base until the clog is cleared.


What's In The Box?

1 x Jolt Cannabis 3 Gram D9 Live Resin Knockout Blend Disposable Vape

Customer Reviews

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It's like magic

I have never looked at a filled disposable for such a long time. I hit it and it's like it never runs out. I started to actually think a wizard made it and it was refilling from me viewing it as if the machine had a secret charging capabiliy to do that. Hits great and is good for sleep and anxiety to forget faces well if having problems not wanting to see people when home from when out and about. Spacey relief that dulls to a laugh.