Mellow Fellow 2 Pack 100mg Premium Blend Muti-Cannabinoid Gummies



Mellow Fellow Premium Blend 2 packs of gummies are the perfect travel size double dose of some of the strongest blends available.  Each package contains 2 gummies that total 100mg of cannabinoids and are available in four amazing blends.  Here's a breakdown of Mellow Fellow Premium Blends, all of which are fruit punch flavored:

  • Creativity Blend (Sativa): Delta 8, HHC, Delta 10, CBD, and CBG
  • Clarity Blend (Hybrid): THC-V, HHC, Delta 8, CBD, and CBG
  • Dream Blend (Indica): Delta 8, HHC, CBD, and CBN
  • Euphoria Blend (Hybrid): HHC, Delta 9 THC, Delta 8, H4CBD, CBD, and CBG


What's In The Box?

2 x Mellow Fellow Fruit Punch Premium Blend Gummies | 100mg Total


Due to state regulations, products containing Delta/THC cannot be shipped to: AK, DE, HI, ID, IA, LA, MT, NV, NY, ND, OR, RI, UT, VT, WA, or WV. This product is also limited by county in CA and CO.