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Mellow Fellow Disposable Vapes are perfect for on-the-go and contain precisely made combinations of Delta 8, Delta 10, HHC, THCv, THCp, THCb, & THCm hemp-derived oil blends. Each device is made in the USA with organically grown hemp and features a 0.5 ohm Subohm Ceramic Coil for great flavor, adjustable airflow, and 25 watts auto-draw or 35 with the button depressed (Pre-Heat Function). Enjoy maximum quality, convenience, and satisfaction with Mellow Fellow. 

Here's an flavor list and overview of all of the Mellow Fellow Artist's Blends:

Banksy's Introvert Blend - AK-47 - THC-B/THC-P/HHC/Delta 8/CBN/CBG - Sativa Leaning Hybrid - Skunk, Tobacco, and Herbal Flavors.  Designed to make you feel mentally alert and engagedThis blend expands your mind while simultaneously putting you at ease.

Mellow Fellow Banksy Ak-47 Blend 2 Gram Disposable Vape

Basquiat's Motivation Blend - Tangie - HHC/H4CBD/CBG - is a Sativa blend of California Orange and Skunk cross that's citrusy and  leaves its user feeling uplifted, creative and focused, the perfect recipe to ignite motivation.

Mellow Fellow Basquiat's Blend Tangie 2ml Disposable THC Vape

Dali's Dream Blend - MK Ultra - THC-P/Delta 8/HHC/CBN/CBD - Fast acting Sativa Blend with hints of pine, citrus, and other earthy aromas.  Best for relaxing and getting ready for bed after a long day at work.  

Mellow Fellow Dali Double Blend THC Vape

Da Vinci's Clarity Blend - Durban Poison - HHC/Delta 8/CBD/CBG/THC-V - Pure Sativa Blend is a spicy and complex flavor with pine, herbs, and sage.  Best for feeling uplifted and energetic and to to ensure you will have a clear head to focus on what really matters.

Mellow Fellow Da Vinci Blend 2ml disposable vape

Da Vinci's Clarity Blend - Grease Monkey - Delta 8, HHC, CBD, CBG and THC-V A sweet, sugary, tropical hybrid with resinous, skunky flavors, Grease Monkey is a hybrid cross of Gorilla Glue #4 and Cookies and Cream.

Mellow Fellow Da Vinci's Clarity Blend Grease Monkey

Frida's Recovery Blend - Jungle Cake - THC-M/HHC/H4CBD/Delta 8/CBD - A true hybrid sativa/indica blend of Wedding Cake and White Fire OG, Vanilla Buttery Pepper flavored, known for its effects to start in the mind and then work its way through your body for the ultimate balanced experience.

Mellow Fellow Frida's Recover Blend 2ml Disposable Vape

Klimt's Desire Blend - Acapulco Gold - THC-H/D11/HHC/Delta 8/CBD/CBG - Very Sativa forward hybrid with a coffee, honey, deep woodsy flavor.  Known for its energetic body high and cerebral euphoria.

Mellow Fellow Klimt's Blend 2ml Disposable Vape with THC Blend

O'Keeffe's Tranquility Blend - White Buffalo -HHC, H4CBD, CBN, CBD, and CBGA sativa strain derived from the genetics of Romulan, Blackberry Kush and Bay 11Robust terpene flavor profile containing notes of wood, peppers and herbs

O'keeffe's Tranquility Blend Mellow Fellow Vape

Picasso's Euphoria Blend - Sundae Driver - HHC/Delta 8/H4 CBD/CBD/CBG/THC-P - A sativa leaning hybrid with a sweet taste of grape, vanilla, and berry.  Get ready for an intense experience with this powerful brew that helps create a feeling of intense excitement and happiness

Mellow Fellow Picasso Blend Euphoria 2ml Disposable Vape

Van Gogh's Creativity Blend - Golden Goat - HHC, Delta 8, CBD, CBG, Delta 10 - Sativa Leaning The Golden Goat strain is citrusy and piney, the perfect combination of spicy and sweet. Live resin enhances Golden Goat’s rich terpene profile and complex flavor profile

Mellow Fellow Artists Blend Vapes

Van Gogh's Creativity Blend - White Widow - HHC / Delta 8 / CBD / CBG / Delta 10 - Sativa leaning hybrid that deep, woody, and spicy.  Known for its energizing and uplifting properties but best summarized by it's name "Creativity Blend"

Mellow Fellow Van Gogh Creativity Blend THC Vape Disposable 2ml

Warhol's Charged Blend - Wedding Crasher - THC-V/H4CBD/CBG/HHC - Sativa dominant hybrid that's overall uplifting and happy.  Sweet and smooth grape with a berry finish.

Mellow Fellow 2ml THC Vape Warhol Charged Blend

 What's In The Box?

1 x Mellow Fellow Artist's Blend 2ml Rechargeable Vape


Due to state regulations, products containing Delta/THC cannot be shipped to: AK, DE, HI, ID, IA, LA, MT, NV, NY, ND, OR, RI, UT, VT, WA, or WV. This product is also limited by county in CA and CO.