Munchies Jelly Hole 2 Gram Pre-Rolls with Liquid Diamonds and Glass Tip



Take your smoking game to the next level with Munchies Jelly Hole Pre-Rolls! Formerly Delta Munchies, these 2g pre-rolls pack 1.5g of potent THC-A and 0.5g of Liquid Diamonds for a truly elevated experience. With a 12mm glass tip and a child-proof jar, get ready for a bold, adventurous smoking experience! Unlike Hash Holes, Jelly Holes THC-A liquid diamonds are much smoother and flavorful.  Jelly Holes are available in three delicious strains:

  • Frosted Tarts - Hybrid
  • Grape Cream Cake - Indica
  • Red Cherry Punch - Sativa

What's In The Box?

1 x Munchies Jelly Hole 2G Pre-Roll